KANTO Interior Tile Glue

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KANTO Interior Tile Glue – is prepacked cementitious – specializes in wall and floor tiles of all kinds of porcelain tiles, mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles in the indoor area.


Cement, sand, several admixtures

Outstanding advantages:

  1. High adhesion
  2. No shrinkage
  3. Convenient to use, shorten the construction schedule
  4. Environment friendly.

Packing: 25kg/pack

Storage: at room temperature, in a dry place

Shelf life: 1 year

Recommendations: suitable for use on all types of tiles, ceramic tiles, decor tiles with sizes   up to 60x60cm.

Hint: Use with Glue to increase the aesthetics and perfect the tiling space.

a. Instructions for using KANTO interior tiling glue

  1. Clean the surface before applying
  2. Mixing ratio with water: 20-30%. 25kg of Kanto interior tiling glue with 6-7 liters of clean water, then stir the ingredients until they are flexible
  3. Spread the glue on the floor with a special tool
  4. Carry out tiling  tiles on the surface of the glue just spread. Tile adjustment time within 15′.
  5. Use a rubber hammer to knock on the tile to fix the brick, wipe it with a cloth after tiling.
  6. Completing the tiling process. After 24 hours, you can walk on the tiled surface.

Hint: use with Kanto Tile Grout to complete the circuit with the gap between the tiles from 2-3mm as recommended by the tile manufacturer.

Time allowed to close the tilling works with tile grout: with the wall after 6h,  on the floor after 24h

b. Consumption:

Consumption is always dependent on the substrate surface profile and roughness, the size of the tiles and the joints between them, as well as on the application technique (single adhesive layer on the substrate, or with an additional ‘buttering’ layer on the back of the tiles. As a guide:

Tile Size (mm xmm) Consumption (kg/m2)
From under 200×200 2-3kg/m2
300×300 4-5kg/m2
400×400 4-5kg/m2
300×600 6-8kg/m2
600×600 6-8kg/m2

c. Technical standards

Characteristics Result Standard level
Tensile adhesion strength (N/mm2) 0,85 ≥0,50
Adhesion strength when pulling after soaking in water (N/mm2) 0,70 ≥0,50
Tensile adhesion strength after heating (N/mm2) 0,64 ≥0,50
Tensile adhesion strength after freezing and thawing cycle (N/mm2) 0,58 ≥0,50
Opening time (N/min) 22 ≥20

According to test method  TCVN 7899-2:2008

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