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The real value of life lies in the present moment
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Grand Ceramics – premium wall and floor tiles – is a brand of Grand Home Investment Group Joint Stock Company (Grand Home).
“The real value of life lies in the present moment” is one of the quote that people often use to remind each other. When founding the Grand Ceramics brand, we have recrystallized from top quality ceramic tiles, towards high living values, a prosperous life.

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Thao Mai
Grand Ceramics has a very unique and unique sample of ceramic tiles, I have used this brand’s tiles for interior design and construction projects for 1000+ customers of our company.
Thai Thuan Hoa
I am always satisfied with Grand Ceramics’ products and consulting and delivery services. I have introduced friends, colleagues and the management of the apartment building where I live to replace all floor tiles in the lobby of the apartment floors.
I am an architect who knows the Grand Ceramics brand through the Association of Architects introduced. I sympathize not only with the quality design but also the very good delivery service of Grand Ceramics. Putting Grand Ceramics tiles into interior projects helps homeowners’ living space more comfortable and classy.

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