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Grand Ceramics offers a set of KANTO premium tile adhesives

Officially from May 6, 2023, Grand Ceramics distributes a whole set of KANTO high-end adhesive products nationwide.

KANTO is a line of prepackaged, cementitious tile adhesives with additives imported from Germany, applied technology and production lines according to German standards to bring outstanding quality and efficiency. Kanto provides synchronous solutions in tiling of all kinds of ceramics, porcelain tiles, mosaic tiles, tiles, stone tiles, decorative tiles, natural stone indoors and outdoors. When using, just mix the prepackaged glue powder with clean water to form a smooth, uniform mixture.

Typical application

KANTO tile adhesive is used for tiling Ceramic, Granite, Mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles, decorative ceramics and natural stones in positions such as:

Tile floors or walls with plastered plaster.

Old floor or wall tile.

Plain concrete slabs or concrete structures with a fully cured coating.

Swimming pool

KANTO tile adhesive products are used as a thin or thick layer of adhesive for interior and exterior floors and walls. KANTO Joint Sealant is used to seal joints in indoor and outdoor tiles.

Outstanding advantages

KANTO is a set of high-quality tile adhesive products – a product line in the Grand Ceramics ecosystem – applied in indoor and outdoor floor and wall tiles with many outstanding advantages such as:

Ancillary solutions in stone and brick tiling are most suitable for new construction, repair, indoor or outdoor projects, from bathrooms / toilets to high-rise buildings (buildings). .

Successfully used in the construction of wet areas, such as bathrooms (toilets), dining rooms (kitchens), balconies, even projects with high requirements for waterproofing such as swimming pools.

KANTO’s specialized high-end tiling adhesive kit achieves immediate results and optimal economic efficiency.

KANTO interior high-grade tiling glue
KANTO High quality exterior tiling adhesive
Keo chít mạch Kanto
KANTO . Circuit Glue
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