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Starting from the criteria set by Grand Ceramics for its products and in line with the current trend of “drawing from nature, serving society, and creating an environmentally friendly atmosphere,” we continuously strive to create better and more eco-friendly products, bringing stylish to living spaces. Taking the next steps on this journey, we proudly introduce the REFIND Collection, with the spirit of “REFINDING nature in living spaces.”

Inspired by the colors and natural beauty of the serene beach sands shaped by each gentle wave, these contours are delicately and harmoniously recreated in each tile. This is not just a creative work of art but also a tribute to creation and nature.


The REFIND granite tile collection is the perfect choice for high-end apartments or villas, proudly display the style and investment in every detail that amazingly blending  between architecture and nature.


REFIND is not just a declaration of luxury and elegance, it also environmental friendly rectified porcelain tiles. With materials imported from Italy and Spain, well known for ceramics and porcelain production in the world, we commit to delivering high-quality products that ensure user safety and healthy by antimicrobial characteristics. REFIND products are manufactured for durability and stability, providing peace of mind for your living environment.


The diversity in designs, colors, and flexibility of the REFIND collection is not limited to interior spaces but can also be applied for various purposes, ie.,  exterior decoration, such as swimming pools, gardens,  outdoor spaces. In any location, REFIND represents a melody harmony with nature.

Let’s experience the perfection and sophistication with the REFIND tile collection by Grand Ceramics, where architecture and nature blend seamlessly to create upscale and eco-friendly living spaces.

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