Choosing Tiles for Your Kitchen Space

For every family, the kitchen is a gathering place where delicious meals are prepared and enjoyed together, creating cherished moments. Choosing the right tiles for your kitchen space not only reflects the homeowner’s style but also enhances the value of each meal and the experience of every family member.

Tiles ensure aesthetics and hygiene

The kitchen, being the hub of cooking activities, often encounters grease and stains. Therefore, using tiles in this area is the optimal choice for maintaining cleanliness. One of the popular choices is glossy ceramic tiles in sizes 30×60 cm and 60×60 cm. Additionally, matte ceramic tiles are an excellent option for a more modern look. These tiles reduce glare while retaining their anti-stain and easy-to-clean properties.

For kitchen islands, large format tiles reduce grout lines, facilitating easier cleaning. Grand Ceramics offers superior quality large tiles such as 80x120cm and 60x120cm in various designs like marble, sandstone, and cement, manufactured to European standards with high water absorption resistance.

Choosing suitable colors is essential.

Shades like yellow and white remain top choices for Vietnamese kitchens, providing necessary warmth for each meal and harmonizing well with kitchen cabinets and overall house decor.

Avoid using red tiles in the kitchen as it symbolizes fire element in Feng Shui, a consideration for home designers. Horizontal tile laying is the most common method, but vertical installation can create a taller appearance with careful design planning. Highlighting tiles with contrast grout or selecting accent tiles can enhance creativity in kitchen design.

In terms of spatial design

In narrow kitchen spaces, bright colors are the most suitable choice to help expand the area. However, in recent years, dark colors have also gained popularity as many people opt to tile their kitchen spaces with them. Using large tiles resembling seamless stone combined with dark-colored tiles creates a striking and modern effect. When using dark colors, homeowners should choose a warm lighting system to balance the coziness in the kitchen.

At Grand Ceramics, you will find a wide range of tiling options for both kitchen and living spaces, tailored to individual styles. Explore our products here!

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